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BWE Construction Company has been helping homeowners and property management companies in the Twin Cities metro area with replacement windows for over 21 years. Whether you need energy efficient windows or replacement windows for your single family home or a multi-housing property BWE Construction Company is ready to provide high quality energy efficient windows & doors and professional window and door installation services at a competitive rate.

Replacing old windows and doors in your home or multi-housing property building with high efficiency doors and windows will help conserve overall energy costs, increase comfort, upgrade the property appearance and increase the resale value of your home or property.

Heating and cooling costs account for over 60% of a home or building energy costs. Old windows and doors allow both cold air to enter and heat to escape around window and door gaps, seals and cracks during the winter heating season. In addition, older style window panes and glass are inefficient and allow heat to escape via thermal conduction. During the summer cooling season older energy inefficient windows and doors allow outside heat to permeate the home or building interior and the HVAC cooled air to escape.

Winter or summer, old windows and old doors provide pathways for heating and cooling energy leaks from your home and escalate your home heating and cooling costs. Old, outdated or worn energy inefficient winds and doors are a like a sieve allowing warmed or cool air to escape your home and outside temperatures to permeate your home. If you are concerned about escalating home energy costs and home energy usage replacing your old windows and doors with new energy efficient replacement windows and energy efficient exterior doors are "green" or energy smart way to decrease your overall home energy usage.

If your single family home or multi-housing property is 10 years or older it may be time to consider window replacements and door replacements to decrease overall energy usage and costs. Window and door manufacturers and window and door technology have made great strides in creating more energy efficient windows and door products in the past 10 years.

In the days of "cheap energy" costs many window and door manufacturers were more focused on appearance and style than around the concept of energy performance. In addition, new construction home builders were often focused on building homes quickly and many were less concerned about the home or structure’s long-term energy efficiency when selecting window and door products.

In today’s environment of escalating heating and cooling energy costs homeowners and property managers alike all are looking to increase their home or building’s energy efficiency by installing energy efficient doors and windows.

Contact BWE Construction Company for help with making your replacement window and door replacements projects both energy effective and to make sure your replacement windows project is done correctly.